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It is only because of the fantastic and amazing support of you, our customers, friends, suppliers and colleagues, that XPro Security Solutions has become the preferred supplier of quality products and service excellence in the security detection industry!

Happy Birthday celebrations as XPro turns 1 year old!!
It has truly been a special and memorable year, and one that has passed in a flash!! We are very proud and extremely thankful to all of those that have made it such an awesome year, and one to truly remember. Celebrations were held to mark this auspicious occasion, with Birthday cake, toy tool belts for the Technical Team, and lots of fun and laughter!!

More additions to the XPro family

Due to the ever-increasing Technical requirements at XPro, we have expanded the XPro family even further, and would like to welcome Ruan Meintjes to the Johannesburg Technical Team. Ruan has joined the family with effect from December 2016, and is hard at work learning his way around the inside and outside of the machines that he will be installing, maintaining and repairing with lots of love and care, under the watchful and experienced eyes of our certified Engineers.

We would also like to welcome Colin Robbins to the growing family! Colin has many years’ experience as an X-Ray Technician, and will be looking after all our customer’s technical and maintenance requirements in the Western Cape.

Another successful and timeous installation was carried out in the Johannesburg CBD for e-Government, where 6 Astrophysics XIS 5335 X-Ray scanners and 10 Astrophysics WT2000 Metal Detectors. XPro have signed a 3-year contract for the maintenance services on this equipment.

New Machine Sales

In order to cater for the ever-increasing volumes of passengers departing from this extremely popular airport, XPro have recently supplied 2 additional large tunnel DualView X-Ray scanners for the inspection of Hold Baggage. These new additions are again testament to Lanseria’s commitment to the safety and convenience of their customers. XPro continue to supply full maintenance and breakdown repair services.


XPro have recently been successful in the award of an additional machine order for DHL Express, where a flagship, state of the art Astrophysics XIS1517DV 200kv X-Ray Cargo Scanner will soon be delivered for installation in the Cape Town Gateway. Thank you for putting your trust in us (again) and we look forward to a smooth and successful installation.


Possibly the biggest feather in the XPro cap!! When a company such as ours is entrusted with the supply, installation and maintenance of security detection equipment in the Nation’s most highly secured premises – you know you are doing something right! We would like to thank the entire team at EoH for nominating XPro as their partner company, and look forward to a long and happy relationship. Signed three-year Maintenance contracts, and the first delivery of multiple x-ray scanners and Metal Detectors have already been achieved this year!


Tender Awards are never easy to come by! It is with great pride and excitement that we recently received the news that XPro have won the contract to supply, install and maintain multiple Astrophysics X-Ray systems and Walk Through Metal Detectors at the Department’s Head Office Building in Pretoria.

NEW Service Level Agreements

Good relationships are the cornerstone of success! XPro have recently negotiated the successful conclusion of a 3-year Service Level Agreement with Transit to maintain their x-ray scanners deployed at 8 Branches across the country.

The XPRO family continues to grow and flourish, with new Service Contracts obtained with the following high profile customers:
  • Corporate Business Security (3 Years)
  • The Transit Group (3 Years)
  • EoH Building and Security Technologies (3 Years)
  • Science & Technology (3 Years)
We look forward to continuing our promise of delivering outstanding and professional services to these customers, and thank them for their loyalty and support.

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Kind Regards
The XPro team
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